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Features are one of the most fun parts of an outdoor space.

We have had the pleasure and privilege to be able to create some truly wonderful features for our customers over the years.


Water features

Everyone loves a water feature. They can create a sense of tranquility and interest for your outdoor space.


Plant features

Here are some examples of plants being made into features to further enhance their natural beauty.


Garden lighting

Talking about enhancing natural beauty, lighting gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space all evening long.


Timber features

Whether it is a timber swing or seat – we just love creating spaces to unwind and enjoy.


Unique features

Below are three outstanding features that stand out from the crowd. The first is a picture of a spectacular water feature in a courtyard garden in St Clair.


This feature is a mirror  set into a gateway, complete with a beautiful antique gate, giving the garden instant ‘additional space’. See more features in this garden here.


Similarly these stainless steel feature panels reflect beauty off the pool.



Vertical walls

For those low on space, who are still looking for a way to bring greenery into a limited outdoor space, vertical gardens are an excellent option.

Paving        Retaining walls        Lawns & Gardens

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