landscaping – Magnificent, serene, harmonious

I struggled to find the right words for the finished result of this property. Magnificent masterpiece? Gracious grandeur? Serene sophistication? The property is both impressive in styling as well as peaceful with several beautiful spaces to do life.

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-169p_preview

In and Out Living worked with the owners from the ground up, including the paving, gardens and many many outstanding features.

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-257p_preview.jpeg


The paving is wetlaid granite on a concrete base, making it highly durable, strong and long lasting. The front yard includes wetlaid steppers, ensuring minimal movement as time passes.

In and Out Living planted and irrigated all the lawns and all the gardens, including the vegetable garden beds and stunning feature Chinese garden.

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-43p_preview

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-39p_preview

The features do not stop there.

To the left of this picture is a unique pool fence, built with timber posts sourced and rescued from the Tumby Bay Jetty. They tie in beautifully with the timber used in the feature vine arbour.

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-101p_preview

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-60p_preview

You can see why I struggled to find a fitting name for this outstanding property.

Complete with enormous pots and this hanging seat, this is truly is a peaceful space to simply relax and enjoy life.

HBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-53p_previewHBG-Malvern-179-181 Fisher-85p_preview

Photos used with permission.

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